Struggling to Master Tennis? Ready to Transform Your Game?

Social or Competitive Players: Which Are You? Are you seeking the camaraderie of social play or the thrill of competitive matches? At 10is Academy, we welcome both. Embark on your tennis journey with us, whether you're starting from scratch, honing existing skills, or pushing towards peak performance.

Social players Social players begin their journey with the "Tennis Xpress" program, establishing foundational skills. Progressing further, they can refine their game through "Tennis Xplore," and for those at an advanced level, the challenge of "Xcel Tennis" awaits.

Competitive players, elevate your technique through our "Tennis Mastery" courses. Intermediate players can dive into "Doubles Tactics - Key Principles," and advanced players can master the "British Doubles System."

Discover the right path for you in our Adult Coaching Program at 10is Academy Ely Tennis Club. Your path to tennis excellence begins here. Your transformation awaits.