Class and Membership cancellation

Class Cancellation and Attendance Policy

At 10is Academy, our aim is to provide a consistent and high-quality training experience for all our members. The following policy outlines our approach to class cancellations and attendance:

1. No Cancellation or Refund for Non-Attendance: Once a member is enrolled in a course (typically lasting 5 to 7 weeks), the commitment is final. We do not offer refunds or credits for classes that a member does not attend, regardless of the reason.

2. Credit for Academy-Cancelled Classes: If 10is Academy cancels a class due to unforeseen circumstances, including bad weather, members will receive a credit for the cancelled class. This credit can be used for future classes or courses at the Academy.

3. Non-Refundable Course Fees: All course fees are non-refundable. Members should consider their availability and commitment carefully before booking a course.

4. Course Commitment: By booking a course, members acknowledge their commitment to attend the entire duration of the course. We encourage full participation to gain the maximum benefit from our training programs.

5. Exceptional Circumstances: We understand that exceptional situations can occur. These cases will be reviewed individually. Members facing extraordinary circumstances should contact the Academy's management to discuss possible arrangements. A £10 admin fee will apply.

This policy is designed to ensure effective management of our classes and to encourage full commitment from our members, which is essential for progress and development in our training programs.

Cancellation Policy for Direct Debit Members

At 10is Academy, we value our members and strive to offer flexibility while maintaining a smooth operational flow. To ensure clarity and fairness, the following cancellation policy applies to all members paying via direct debit:

1. Notice Period: Members wishing to cancel their membership must provide a one-month notice in writing. The notice should be sent to [insert appropriate email or postal address].

2. Cancellation of Direct Debit: Members are responsible for cancelling their direct debit arrangements with their bank. 10is Academy does not have the facility to cancel direct debits on behalf of members.

3. Effective Date: The cancellation will be effective one month from the date the written notice is received. Any scheduled payments within this one-month period will be processed as usual.

4. Confirmation of Cancellation: Once the cancellation notice is received, 10is Academy will send a confirmation email or letter acknowledging the receipt and specifying the final billing date.

5. Rejoining Policy: Members wishing to rejoin after cancellation may be subject to any waiting lists or new membership terms in effect at that time.

Please note that it is crucial to cancel your direct debit with your bank to avoid further charges. 10is Academy is not responsible for additional fees incurred due to failure to cancel direct debits.