Mastering Tennis: A Game-Changing Approach Revealed!

Novak Djokovic is dominating the tennis scene in 2023, not just with his exceptional returns but also with his serving skills. With a remarkable 94% hold rate, Djokovic is proving to be a force to reckon with on the court. His unbeaten streak includes victories at the Adelaide International 1 and the Australian Open, showcasing his prowess as both a server and a returner. When the world's best returner also becomes the hottest server, it's a tough challenge for any opponent. Analyzing Djokovic's serving game reveals his strengths in specific areas, such as holding serve from 15/0 and 0/15, where he consistently outperforms his opponents.


1. Holding From 15/0 & 0/15

Winning The First Point Of The Game

  • Djokovic = 75 per cent (120/160)
  • Opponents = 66 per cent (99/150)

Djokovic consistently gains an advantage early in his service games, sprinting to a 15/0 lead a remarkable 75% of the time. This statistic significantly outshines his opponents, who achieve this feat only 66% of the time. Djokovic's ability to start his service games strong gives him a crucial edge over his rivals on the court.

Holding From 15/0

  • Djokovic = 95 per cent (114/120)
  • Opponents = 74 per cent (73/99)

Djokovic's serving prowess shines even brighter when he wins the first point of the game. He impressively holds serve 95% of the time after securing just the initial point. In contrast, his opponents lag behind, holding serve only 74% of the time under similar circumstances. Djokovic's consistency in maintaining his serve after gaining an early advantage puts him well ahead of his competition.

Holding From 0/15

  • Djokovic = 90 per cent (36/40)
  • Opponents = 55 per cent (28/51)

This is the ultimate test of Djokovic's serving skills. Despite facing a 0/15 deficit 40 times in Adelaide and Melbourne, the Serb managed to hold serve an impressive 90% of the time. In contrast, his opponents held serve only 55% of the time in similar situations. This demonstrates Djokovic's superior strategy, mental resilience, and unwavering ability to overcome challenges during matches.


2. 2nd Serves To Position 5


While many players typically target the backhand with their second serves in the Ad court, Djokovic takes a different approach. Instead of opting for the common strategy, he surprises opponents by attacking the forehand return with a slice. This unconventional tactic sets Djokovic apart and adds an element of unpredictability to his game.

Ad Court 2nd Serve Location/Won

  • Position 5 = Won 60 per cent (43/72)
  • Position 6 = Won 65 per cent (13/20)
  • Position 7 = Won 53 per cent (21/40)
  • Position 8 = Won 53 per cent (20/38)

Djokovic's unconventional strategy shines through in his second serve placement. Despite the common practice of targeting the wide corner in the Ad court, Djokovic opts to direct 72 second serves down the T, resulting in an impressive 60% point win rate. Surprisingly, he doubles down on this tactic by hitting almost twice as many serves to Position five compared to the traditional out wide placement to Position eight, showcasing a strategic departure from the rest of the Tour.


3. Serve +1 Performance

While Djokovic is celebrated for his exceptional backhand, it's his forehand that steals the spotlight on the stats sheet. Despite hitting slightly fewer forehands (56%) as the first shot after the serve compared to his opponents (59%), Djokovic's win percentages tell a different story.

Serve +1 Forehand Win Percentage

  • Djokovic = 67 per cent (216/323)
  • Opponents = 47 per cent (202/427)

Serve +1 Backhand Win Percentage

  • Djokovic = 61 per cent (156/256)
  • Opponents = 40 per cent (117/291)

Across the board, Djokovic recorded 59 Serve +1 winners, with 50 coming after his first serve and nine after his second serve. Among these winners, 45 were Serve +1 forehands and 14 were Serve +1 backhands. Djokovic's return strategy and execution have long been a signature aspect of his game, and now, coupled with leading the Tour in Service Games Won percentage, it proves to be an unstoppable combination.


What are your thoughts on Novak Djokovic's exceptional performance in 2023, showcasing his dominance in both serving and returning? Do you believe his strategic innovations, such as targeting the forehand with slice second serves and his consistency in holding serve from challenging positions, are redefining the game? Share your insights and opinions with us. We look forward to hearing your views on Djokovic's remarkable tactics on the court.


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