Courage Under Fire: 10is Academy's Week of Grit and Growth in the National League

This week in the National League was a sharp turn from last week’s celebrations at 10is Academy. Despite facing setbacks, there were glimmers of resilience and growth across all teams.

The under 11 and under 12 squads faced tough competition against CLTC, a club known for fielding county players who log extensive training hours. Nevertheless, our young athletes showed exceptional spirit and are developing rapidly from such high-level experiences.

On the ladies’ front, both the Ladies 1 and Ladies 2 teams faced defeats but not without signs of progression. Morale remains high as improvements are evident, pointing towards a promising trajectory if this trend continues.

The standout story of the week came from our Men 2 team, who secured the sole victory for the academy. They endured a grueling 5-hour confrontation at Fen Drayton that concluded in a dramatic shootout. Leadership from the captain of the day, Rodrigo, along with Vaughan’s critical plays in singles and doubles, clinched the much-needed win for the team.

Conversely, the Men 1 team encountered a rare setback after a 4.5-hour marathon under the blazing sun. The day had its highs, with impressive wins from 14-year-old newcomer Francisco and number 1 player Seb, which brought the team level with St Neots post-singles. However, a narrow 9/11 loss in the doubles’ third-set tiebreak tilted the day towards a 4-2 victory for St Neots. Despite the loss, the Men 1 displayed remarkable teamwork and spirit, already setting their sights on redemption in their upcoming Cambs league match against Newmarket at home.

In the face of this week’s challenges, the 10is Academy has demonstrated that setbacks are merely setups for future successes. With each match, whether a win or a loss, our teams build strength, skill, and unity—essential ingredients for the long game in tennis and life. As we look forward to next week’s engagements, the resilience and tenacity of our players suggest that brighter days are just a match away.